There is a crisis in the British Labour Party and it is not just the internal struggles of the hard versus the soft left
George Osborne's defeat over proposed cuts to Tax Credits in the last week of October is the first major defeat for the Cameron government, and as such it is also a significant puncturing of its inflated hubris and wholly imaginary 'mandate'.
The unexpected Tory election victory last month no one seriously expected - least of all the Tory party - broke with the
The apparent 'economic recovery' of the UK of May 2015, can be seen in the extremely dubious terms set by the formerly incumbent Conservative-led coalition government, and none more so than in the widespread use of food banks and payday loans by the unemployed, and 'working poor' alike.
The 'record numbers' now being erroneously counted as 'in employment' like those numbers used to show 'record falls in unemployment' are concocted and made to fit into categories invented for the purposes of spin, and to be sure, the stuff of a continuing and ongoing crisis.
The war on the poor aka 'welfare reform' is being waged with that much more ferocity and that much more cynicism in the weeks
Other young people have been luckier than Caird and secured work, but with it lasting only a few months at best, they're
Up to half of young people in England and Wales are out of work or under-employed, with the true scale of the problem being
Revising their estimate up from 25,000 to around one million, the Office of National Statistics has admitted that the number of UK workers on these contracts - which don't guarantee work hours, standard rates of pay or security - are probably far greater than was once believed.
Official unemployment figures are disguising the fact that a significant number of people who are in both full time and part