undergraduate education

The issue is not what length or type of programme is better; the real issue is that the choice reflects the needs of the students and of society in general.
Mentoring programmes offer an effective way for students to gain insights into the professional world, and help to navigate the confusing undergraduate years. It's clear that universities increasingly value how mentoring can boost their students personally, academically, and professionally.
Very few weeks have the same mythological status as freshers' week. You'll meet your new Best Friends Forever. You'll be out every night. You'll make stories you'll dine out on for years. You'll end up with one eyebrow. You'll have lots of excellent and sexy sex with people you've only just met. It'll be wild. It'll be great. Except that's not what freshers' week is like for most people.
Toddling off to university can be a fairly daunting operation. Firstly, there's all of the preparation work to undergo... But the most important thing, above material preparation and developing friendships with fellow students, is sex.
The job was quite easy really but my fellow colleagues were anything but fun... The manager was covered head to toe in jewelry; I came to the conclusion that her long-suffering husband liked her so much he put a ring on it, or rather four rings on every finger, she was like a metal detectors wet dream.
Taking the time during your studies to get relevant work experience in your field will put you ahead of other students who believe in the common misconception that a degree will be enough to get a job...
An idea from the US, which is starting to be discussed in the UK, is to create themed living-learning communities in a block or corridor which students can apply for. For example, students could choose to live in an eco-community, a community focused on sciences, or one primarily for ethnic minorities.
Universities recognise that today's graduates need multiple strings to their bows and students are now being offered the opportunity to take part in a range of activities on university campuses and in the local community to enable them to further develop key transferable skills.
The first piece of advice I would give to someone looking to start their own business is to invest in themselves. If you want your business to grow and be successful, higher education is a great way to expand your mind, develop complex reasoning skills and build a network of contacts.
Many hold the view that a research informed curriculum is not essential, and would seek to decouple the research and teaching agendas. However, it is clear that if students engage in research informed teaching then they develop many of the skills required by employers.