Ludmila Filipova is the author of seven bestselling novels published in Bulgaria, of which three are currently being developed into feature films.
The first wave of acts set to play at Bestival 2015 have been revealed by the event’s organiser Rob da Bank. IN PICTURES
Frankenstein, the jewel in the crown of the National Theatre's NT Live initiative, is returning to UK cinemas just in time for Halloween. So if you haven't yet seen Danny Boyle's extraordinary interpretation of Mary Shelley's gothic tale of creation and destruction then grab your opportunity.
Indeed today's cybercriminal gangs are so well organized that often they buy "off the shelf" rootkits and software which they use to carry out their activities. Often this software comes with manuals, 24/7 tech support and even in extreme cases advertising!
Just when you thought it was all over, the newsstands are heaving with souvenir editions of our beloved Olympics and I can feel the love again.
Underworld star Rick Smith has been taken ill after the dance act masterminded the music for last night's three-hour London
The Underworld franchise kicked off in 2003, made by studio Lakeshore Entertainment, starring Kate Beckinsale as a black