unemployment crisis

Human labour is also used in warehouses, with workers instructed via headsets where to run, with every action timed and monitored. A visitor from another planet watching them at work might think that humans are servants of the technology, rather than technology serving the people.
The 'record numbers' now being erroneously counted as 'in employment' like those numbers used to show 'record falls in unemployment' are concocted and made to fit into categories invented for the purposes of spin, and to be sure, the stuff of a continuing and ongoing crisis.
As we all know the job market currently isn't great and I'm resigned to the fact that it could be a little while before it's time to get suited and booted. In weak moments, often Tuesday mornings or after another meal of budget cornflakes, I will stray from a journalism job website and look at something else.
After a regular visit to the job centre where I had to convince the person sat behind the desk that I had been looking for work on a daily basis, it got me thinking about why I was still in this predicament.
In my experience, the graduate labour market is not as bad as many fear, and I really want this blog to help any students or graduates out there, who are concerned by the headlines, to feel a little bit better.
The national internship scheme in Ireland, established in July 2011 and named JobBridge, which quickly gave rise to numerous
With the Green Wage Subsidy, that same money is transformed into a stimulus for a vibrant and positive sector of the economy that benefits society and environment.