UNESCO World Heritage Site

Witness to important stages of human history, the Harz Mountains, in the heart of Germany, not only has a network of hiking trails but also a clutch of cultural treasures recognised by UNESCO.
Want to travel to the corners of the world without breaking the bank? These 10 destinations might be just the ticket. Selected due to their value for money and favourable hotel reputation, these towns, cities and national parks will not disappoint.
Graub√ľnden, and particularly St. Moritz, is famous for its winter sports but the summer delivers hiking, e-biking and culinary delights with the bonus of unspoilt trails in Switzerland's only national park.
In the quarter of a century on since the fall of the Iron Curtain the city has undergone significant restoration and is now easier to reach from the UK than ever before. Since December 2013 Germania has been flying directly from London Gatwick into Erfurt-Weimar Airport, 44km and roughly a half-hour transfer from the centre of Weimar.
Hadrian's Wall is probably one of the finest examples of a Roman engineering project you are ever likely to see. Spanning 73 miles from coast to coast, and with over 20 different places to visit around the wall, you could spend days here. Housesteads is perhaps the wall's most dramatic site, and as the best preserved Roman Fort in the country, will probably give you the best insight into Roman life.