Unfair dismissal

The key question when it comes to protection under the LRA, is whether or not there was a dismissal.
That was over three years ago, and during that time the descent into the mental and physical decline that finished Wolsey has felt very familiar. Indeed, I am just a few years younger than Wolsey was at the time of his removal from office.
Update: The House of Commons said it had records of 8 employment tribunal causes involving MPs' staff since May 2010, but
Trade Unions have reacted angrily to proposals set to come into force that will limit the amount employment tribunals can
My prediction is that many employers, especially smaller firms, will see the Employee/Owner contract as bringing little marginal benefit. They will prefer to avoid another swathe of administrative cost and stick with the risks they know.
An art teacher who was unfairly sacked after becoming pregnant has been awarded a £33,900 payout, a teaching union has said
Is it time to think the unthinkable about the way we employ people in Britain? The question is prompted by the leaking of Adrian Beecroft's controversial report to the government, which recommends sweeping changes to aspects of UK employment law.
Since 6 April 2012, employees can now only contest being struck off on the grounds of unfair dismissal after two years' continuous employment. It is part of a range of measures by the Government to help boost recruitment in tough times and get the jobs market moving.
A driver sacked by a multimillionaire racehorse owner for feeding a piece of leftover lamb to an ailing Labrador has won
A deputy headteacher who was sacked for "mistreating" a pupil after she rescued him from a sex pest has received compensation