Once again the plight of Camp Ashraf attracts international attention. The issue: a statement published by the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), headed by Ambassador Martin Kobler, calling on residents to move to Camp Liberty.
Jan Kubiš' visit to Afghanistan was a fairly solemn affair. The new United Nations special envoy arrived in Kabul on 17 January
The issue of Ashraf is on the agenda of EU's Foreign Minister Council this Thursday, 1 December. What position they take will be crucial for the fate of the 3000 refugees in Ashraf who could see their last Christmas if Iraq fulfils its commitment to Tehran to eliminate them
The time for talking on this subject is over. We are facing a major humanitarian disaster. If nothing is done to prevent another attack, a far worst catastrophe should be expected, and the people of Iran who are a nation holding their breath for a democratic change, will hold those capable of doing something about this situation, completely responsible, for the murder of their brothers and sisters at Camp Ashraf.
Angelina Jolie on Wednesday praised Libyans' "extraordinary" participation in their home-grown revolution, and said she stood
Unwanted, unheard and unseen, stateless people exist with a sinking feeling of rejection. 'Let's go home, back to our country,' is not an option. There isn't any country for stateless people.
The UN Human Rights Council has ordered an investigation into violations reportedly committed by Syrian security forces during
British aid agencies have come together to launch a joint fund-raising appeal to help more than 10 million people affected