Cutting the maintenance grant limits us financially, but it won't stop you doing what you want. Evaluate what you really want, and think about the different ways you can achieve it. There's probably a multitude of different ways that could work for you, just think carefully and pick the best one.
I have experienced the horrible side of lad culture, as many girls at university have, first hand. In fact, as a fat girl, the trouble from these self-crowned LADs is worse. But LADs don't seem to understand girls know exactly what they are up to, as one poor fellow found out last week
Rape jokes are a serious issue when they undermine the victim's self-confidence, prevent the reporting of sexual assault and lead to the blaming of victims for being too 'sexily' dressed, too drunk or just making the age-old mistake of being too female.
A report into lad culture at university has revealed half of students have experienced "prevailing sexism, laddism and a
Uni Lad was at least originally meant to be a somewhat satirical site. But with tales of misogyny and sexism becoming more prevalent in university news, how harmless can Uni Lad really be?
A sexual double standard of male and female promiscuity is arguably an inescapable, endemic feature of university life. Female promiscuity at university risks severe condemnation where the derogatory terms such as 'slut' and 'whore' will be used.
It's easy to decry the problems of today's youth with a voice of condescension that harks back to the good old days but conversely it's also easy to forget the problems of the past when using this line of debate.
The student calendar is usually defined by protests and exams, and the odd moment of debauchery. But this year has thrown
Why aren't women allowing themselves to be proud to show off their mental capacity such as academic ability but have chosen the route of posing naked? After all, there are more women at university than men.
Oxbridge students are in the spotlight again after reports charting their bad behaviour, which included naked parades, restaurant