Union Chapel

Cancer affects everyone. That's the hard cold truth. Whether it be the people you know, the Bowie's of the world or the strangers we just walk by on the street, we are all susceptible to it, but we never really think it will ever happen to us or threaten the lives of our loved ones. Not now...not even soon. At least I never thought it would happen to me when it did.
Brandi Carlile - The Eye A musician always does better with a big label behind them, right? Wrong. US singer-songwriter Brandi
The social depth of her performance can't go unnoticed as she makes multiple references to marriage equality and the need to tackle hate crimes against the LGBT community. A happily married lesbian mother herself, Carlile makes good use of her stage voice to raise awareness for these issues, creating an intimate climate of acceptance for her LGBT fans.
Martha Wainwright held her audience in her thrall at the intimate North London venue of Islington's Union Chapel on Thursday
Changing path is an exciting but scary thing to do.These are people who say "what the hell", throw caution to the wind (or do loads of research and come to an informed conclusion about their new direction in life), and say "I'm changing career".
Where to start. Why am I writing this? Good question. Is it because I am in the midst of organising a comedy night on the 18th May at the Union Chapel called Bring it Home, with some of the best talent on the circuit today and this is a cynical attempt at PR? Lord no!