Union Jack

Hi! My name is Daniel Smith and I constitute one half of the band The Noisettes alongside my best mate for 15 years, Shingai Shoniwa. I guess you could call me the 'Andrew Ridgeley' to her 'George Michael' (Wham! for you young 'uns) but the business of prancing about with a guitar on a big stage is a LOT of fun...
Is the future of our flag in jeopardy? Has our flag become a logo that flogs cheap apparel during times of nationalism decided by marketing teams? If Scotland gain independence do we need to change the flag?
Patriotism, now matter how "gentle," nooses our necks and pulls us, blindfolded, to the right.
Whether you're into the Royal family or not, four days straight off work is reason enough to celebrate in my book.
The misguided memorabilia company that brought Britain the commemorative engagement mug of Kate Middleton and Prince Harry
Good lord! We know that Helen Mirren is a very hot lady - it's one of those celebrity facts, like 'Michelle Obama has wonderfully