union strikes

So now we know what the Conservative manifesto will say about industrial action. This goes far further than anything Mrs Thatcher did in limiting the right to strike. Such a turn out threshold is very rarely met by ballots involving more than a small workforce. It adds up to an effective end to the right to strike for many groups of workers - normally the kind of measure that we associate with dictatorships, not democracies.
Well, it's that time of year again. The kids are off school and, with Santa's visit just days away, they're on their best behaviour. Presents have been bought and decorations have been put up so now it's time to sit down, have a mug of hot chocolate and tell you my Christmas wish.
Over the past few months, the government has repeatedly claimed that their proposed pension scheme for firefighters will be "one of the most generous" in the public sector. However, firefighters argue that they will be priced out by a scheme that will be far more expensive, but worth much less... Here are five myths about firefighter pensions that can be easily busted.
Thousands of bus workers in London have voted by a majority of nine to one to go on strike in a row over payments to work
Unions representing millions of workers have lost their Court of Appeal battle against a government decision to change the
Claire Armistead started me thinking with her #strikelit hashtag yesterday morning.
Thousands of teachers, health and education workers are preparing to stage a 24-hour strike in the escalating dispute over
The four main UK teacher unions announced the launch of an historic partnership on Friday. Trade unions representing more