Britain First demonstrators, protesting against a new mosque in a Staffordshire town, were told not to be "silly" today with
HOPE not hate, the anti-racism campaign group, has called in lawyers following remarks made by Ukip leader Nigel Farage, who
Ukip has asked police officers to arrest demonstrators for a hate crime if they call their supporters "fascists" at a public
Nigel Farage has claimed he needs bodyguards because of the threat of violence from anti-fascist organisations. The Ukip
The British National Party are planning to demonstrate against a non-existent mosque. The far-right group are outraged that
If we are to successfully push back the current wave of racism, we will need an unrelenting campaign in the student movement in defence of our multicultural society against those who wish to divide us.
Six far-right thugs who ambushed and battered people going to an anti-fascist benefit gig have been jailed. They were among
More than 1,000 police officers will be on duty on Saturday to ensure public safety during a demonstration organised by the
As a former trade union member and a working-class Tory, I throw down a challenge to Labour to meet us. If you are a union member and official, get in touch, let's sit down over a pint and discuss how Labour has let you down and how Ukip's policies represent the working classes. I am easy to contact.
UPDATE: According to the police, 58 arrests were made for breach of Section 14 of the Public Order Act. A police spokesperson