United Airlines

Delta has become the latest airline to suffer a PR storm after yet another seating debacle. The airline has been forced to
From one PR nightmare to another.
United Airlines has launched an investigation after reports a giant rabbit died on one of its transatlantic flights - the
The airline has a two percent higher approval rating than President Donald Trump.
Another humiliation for Matt Damon at the hands of Jimmy Kimmel.
Matt Damon’s decade-long “feud” with Jimmy Kimmel has taken a topical turn, with the Oscar-winning actor being “bumped” once
David Dao lost two teeth and suffered a concussion and broken nose.
No one will lose their job over an incident which saw a United Airlines passenger violently dragged from a plane, the carrier’s
United Airlines is making headlines after forcibly removing a passenger from an overbooked flight. The behavior was absolutely avoidable, but here's the thing--United started out by trying to look out for employees' and customers' best interests.
They thought the vicious incident would make an 'amazing Snapchat story'.