United Airlines

A Oregon family are filing a discrimination lawsuit after being kicked off a United Airlines plane because the pilot refused
A dramatic video has emerged appearing to show the terrifying moment passengers thwarted an alleged hijacking attempt on
A flight has been grounded after a customer refused to remove a gadget designed to prevent the seat in front being reclined
Airline security is obviously a contentious and serious issue - but at least one carrier is prepared to trust technology
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Sorry to sound like a downer, but let's face it, we can agree that airline food is mediocre at its best. No matter the propaganda sent out by the airline's marketing "mad-men", five-star cuisine and reheated food just don't mesh.
Passengers on a 10 hour flight from San Francisco to London were left without toilet paper, after United Airlines decided
For someone on the frontline in a press office when a story hits, it can certainly feel that stories move at great speed, continually eluding attempts to get on top of them. However, scratch under the surface and there are often periods of time when the story is in fact spreading slowly.