United Arab Emirates (UAE)

When publicly declaring admiration for the marvels of the Abu Dhabi Louvre in the capacity of the Director of the V&A Museum, it is downright irresponsible to sideline the plight of those who constructed this building. By blindly endorsing this venture, the V&A itself risk complicity in the systematic human rights violations of a brutally authoritarian state; this could hardly be described as "an end to orientalism".
Are you planning to grow your business in the Arab world? Are you about to take up a new position in your company's offices based in Dubai, Kuwait, Amman or Cairo? Then you need to pay special attention to the significance of relationships in this culture.
As the UAE Government joins global policymakers at the UNGA and COP21, the Zayed Future Energy Prize will continue to identify and reward the businesses, organisations, schools and individuals that may define the success of global commitments on the future of sustainability.
Creativity is humanity's greatest renewable resource. Unlike any other resource, it grows the more it is used, an exponential value cycle that drives a nation's long-term development. When someone asks why culture matters, why events such as this month's Abu Dhabi Festival mean much to the UAE and the whole region, that is my answer.
Human rights campaigners have urged the British government to put further pressure on the UAE to investigate claims of torture