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Boris Johnson prefaces his 800-word hagiography on Qatar - 'We can't afford to ignore our dynamic friends in the East' - with
For those who still sit on the fence I encourage you to check out Dubai. Feel the rush of high octane business district, the calm of the Palm, the mysticism of the desert and the majesty of the Burj. This city is rocking its way into the 00s and beyond.
True to his roots: Looking pensive in the company of a camel Emirates 24/7 states the three men in question were delegates
UPDATE: One Of The Ridiculously Good-Looking Man Kicked Out Of Saudi Arabia For Being 'Too Handsome' (PICTURES) Three men
Water usage needs to become the responsibility of every individual and entity in Qatar with a realization that their current attitude flies in the face of their very culture.
A British businesswoman and an Irishman have become the latest Westerners to fall foul of stricter decency laws in Islamic
Music veteran Engelbert Humperdinck is trying to trace a rich mystery man who offered to buy his personalised car number
Team GB's men's football team have improved markedly in each of the first three games of their reincarnation. Although the opposition faced has been progressively weaker every time, the growing understanding among Team GB players has been very encouraging.
A British man is facing the death penalty in the United Arab Emirates, the Foreign Office has confirmed. A local news report
It may be an inconvenient truth, given our vast trade links with the UAE, but surely we can no longer ignore the events taking place in the Gulf State. If not for the principle of humanitarianism, then for our trade links there we must speak up. If the naivety of the rulers continues in the same vein, those very links might be put in danger.