United Nations Human Rights Council

The rising death toll prompts UN concern that the country is sliding into a “human rights abyss”.
Every year, over 100 British people tell the Foreign Office that they have been tortured or ill-treated while detained overseas
The Labour leader was being quizzed on his views on Iran.
I listened to David Cameron's words at CPC15 with open-minded enthusiasm. I have been a big C Conservative for approximately
Zlatan does not know who I am. There is no reason why he should. But then, without Football, the world would not know who Zlatan is. Football, genius and valour have granted him an opportunity to catalyse a movement bigger than the game. Bigger than the UN. Bigger than Zlatan.
Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists in parts of Syria are carrying out regular amputations, lashings, public executions and mock
Over the past year there have been a number of allegations in the UAE that authorities are torturing prisoners. Defendants in a trial of political dissidents, three Britons held in Dubai and two Syrians have come out to say they have been tortured. Now, smuggled handwritten letters by Egyptian prisoners facing trial over alleged Muslim Brotherhood links say that they have been tortured as well.
Self-immolations and hunger strikes are very distressing forms of political protest but they have been successful in putting Tibet back into the mainstream media and at visibly showing the collective pain and suffering of the Tibetan people.
In a year that has seen thousands of people out on the streets campaigning for freedom in the Arab Spring, it would seem
Juan Mendez's first encounter with torture was as a victim, when he spent 18 long months as a political prisoner in his native
"The Syrian authorities have ignored the urgent appeals made over recent days by the United Nations Security Council, by