United States Congress

Trump will be impeached an unprecedented second time for being “an imminent threat” to the nation.
One plot includes surrounding the Capitol and murdering Democrats to allow Republicans to take control of the government.
Trump’s hold on the Republican National Committee still appears strong, despite his inciting of a violent insurrection at the Capitol to overturn the election he lost.
Biden says that democracy is “under an unprecedented assault” amid teargas and police in armed stand-off with protesters in chamber.
The Georgia Democrat, known as the "conscience of Congress," spent most of his life on the front lines of the fight for democracy.
Chris Taylor, a Republican and combat veteran, said he's seeking treatment for his substance abuse disorder.
The Trump administration directed the killing of the senior Iranian commander in an airstrike on Baghdad International Airport.
The political consultant was accused of lying to Congress as lawmakers investigated Russian interference in the 2016 election.
The formidable politician frequently clashed with the president.