United States Department of Justice

The federal court's opinion stated that the government could access certain information not protected by attorney-client privilege, pointing to possible charges.
The now-former president no longer has some of the protections afforded to the resident of the Oval Office.
The execution came over the objection of the victims’ family.
It comes after US attorney Audrey Strauss said she would "welcome" talks with the Duke of York following the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell.
Lawyers for the Duke of York said he had offered to assist the Department of Justice three times this year already.
The White House said Trump was not concerned by William Barr's remarks.
What had been Attorney General William Barr's administrative review of the origins of the Russia investigation has become a criminal inquiry, The NY Times says.
The two guards also allegedly falsified log entries to show they had regularly checked on inmates — though they hadn't actually done so.
The Justice Department announced five people will be executed, beginning in December.
Days earlier, a Justice Department lawyer argued that the government didn't need to provide toothbrushes, soap or beds to detained migrant kids.
He also announced he would resign and the special counsel’s office would close.
President Donald Trump ranted for nearly 90 minutes in Wisconsin on the same night as the White House Correspondents Dinner.
Barr said the president did not exercise his executive privilege, though "he would have been well within his rights to do so."
President Donald Trump may have been at odds with McCabe, but his firing is the result of a Justice Department internal review.
The messages suggest that Elliott Broidy tried to use his influence with the Trump administration for personal gain.