The ability to speak our mind is a much cherished freedom of the society in which we live, but one that I believe recent events at Lincoln University Union have suggested is sadly under threat. The recent brief suspension of Lincoln's Conservative Society simply for sharing an image from a study that suggested Lincoln University ranked as "very intolerant" on freedom of speech, appears to be illustrative of an endemic problem throughout many campuses.
When we talk about learning, we usually imagine classrooms, books, maybe computer screens - but the most important form of
So yes: it is time for universities to do some serious reviews on what they offer to large segments of their students. But when one looks at the bigger picture rather than individual cases, studying at higher education institutions does remain a good investment in all fields when it comes to judging the return on students' investment.
Politicians, while united in their view that social mobility needs to improve, differ in their solutions on how to accelerate it. The gap between poor and better-off students is narrowing, but there is still a long way to go.
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