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There's a popular misconception that independent Higher Education is the preserve of well-heeled underachievers. But for
With the new government initiative to raise tuition fees for university education to an average of £9,000 per year, opinions among the new intake of 'Freshers' seems to be varied according to a recent survey by the Graduate Recruitment Bureau.
Higher tuition fees will make graduates more likely to lie about their qualifications, a survey finds. The move to triple
The number of students deterred by raised tuition fees is the equivalent to the government shutting the doors of two entire
Nearly three quarters of parents fear they will be unable to provide financial support for their children through university
To borrow some lyrics from the song 'E's are good' by the 90s dance band, The Shaman, David Willetts has been 'very much maligned and misunderstood'. Or so he would like us to think. The problem is that so long as he continues to pay no attention to who he is speaking to he is likely to remain maligned and misunderstood.
It is frankly boring hearing them whingeing on about university fees (which they want subsidising but have not paid a penny
The majority of adults have little or no understanding of the new university fees system, with many believing it will make
More Scottish universities have set fees below the maximum level of £9,000 per year for students from elsewhere in the UK
With university fees on the increase, many young people are looking at alternative routes into their chosen careers. Should employers now be looking to school leavers instead of graduates for their next generation of managers?