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David Cameron's conference address may have been a long way from that sweaty room behind the church hall, but his tone was exactly the same: Overbearing, condescending, burnished with a membrane deep veneer of sincerity. We all know the world doesn't owe us a living Dave. We've been living in it all our lives.
Top universities are so focused on research they are neglecting teaching, while the UK's institutions are "suffering" due
The nation's sixth-formers are in the middle of what for many will be a nerve-wracking time: waiting to hear from their chosen universities; revising for exams; and planning for the many and varied experiences that the next few years will hold.
Oxford University has hit its original target to raise a "daunting" £1.25bn for teaching and research, it was announced on
Thousands of students could discover the fees at the universities to which they have applied are to change, just weeks before
Student tuition fees would be capped at £6,000 under Labour plans unveiled by Ed Miliband in a crowd-pleasing eve of party
Higher tuition fees and funding cuts are "crushing" many students' dreams of university, a union leader warned. Alice Robinson
The government's claim that its top priority is to increase social mobility has been undermined by a damning report by a