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The term teleportation was first coined in 1931 by American writer Charles Fort and, decades later, researchers are really getting the hang of it! Why is this amazing? Because that's one step closer to transporting fully solid matter which could mean that, somewhere down the road, you won't need that bus pass!
Stop us if you've heard this before, but scientists have made a breakthrough in teleportation - and this time it could lead
While academics have been quick to note that the age of girls hitting puberty has fallen by five years in the past century
Women who use a vaginal ring or skin patch as contraceptive methods are more at risk of a blood clot compared to those who
The Milky Way galaxy may contain billions of habitable planets, astronomers have said. The discovery raises the tantalising
It is an age-old problem and a common scene in Hollywood films: women minding their own business - perhaps having a quiet