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While it takes just seconds in 'Star Trek', academics have now determined that it would actually take a very long time to
In popular sci-fi, teleportation allows you to zip into orbit quicker than the time it takes to say "Beam me up, Scotty". The
So we have received the news that Richard III fans have been waiting for. The skeletal remains found last year in Greyfriars car park in my Leicester South constituency are indeed those of Richard III, the last Plantagenet King of England.
Above: what travelling at hyper speed would really look like It is a quirk of Hollywood and derivative science fiction that
He was born on 2 October 1452 in Northamptonshire. His early years were dominated by the Wars of the Roses, which his father
In what has been described as a major chapter in the history of England, archaeologists searching for the body of King Richard
Batman could fly, but he wouldn't survive the landing because his wingspan is too short, according to researchers. Four students
Newspapers have been reporting that Sheffield Springs Academy has decided to ban slang in an attempt to improve their students' employability. By all means teach them how to speak appropriately, but isn't that like telling children not to put peas up their nose?
A new study reveals the stress, anxieties and pain that women can suffer when undergoing a cervical smear test, prompting
Professors and university students unveiled a futuristic disease detection facility on Wednesday after spending four years