University of the Arts

On the 16 March, news was spread amongst University of the Arts London (UAL) students that management had decided to cut over 800 places on their Foundation courses. Three days later, students and SUARTS sabbs are occupying management rooms at Central St Martins, King's Cross in a peaceful yet poignant protest.
As many international students in the UK prepare for a Christmas period alone, because we cannot afford to fly back to see our families, the news of Theresa May's plans to deport us upon graduation comes as a low blow.
This is a relatively simple task for us which will hopefully help our members with costs, highlight the inherent sexism in charging for these essential supplies, and kick off a conversation about periods that is positive and empowering. Because nobody should have to pay to bleed. Period.
If there are lies, damned lies and statistics then the recently announced fact that only 26% of postgraduate places in UK universities are held by UK students can be spun as both a failure and a success.
Professor Carole Collet, Reader in Textile Futures at the University Of The Arts, and founder of the Textiles Futures postgraduate
There is one course at University of the Arts, which attracts a lot of curious attention and 'tell me more' type of conversations. After having it on my CV for a couple of years, I went back to see the current students, their work in progress and the final degree show.