All in all, it is clear that digital media is the present and it is also undoubted that it is the future. When you pack your bags for university this September, do yourself a favour and create some space by ditching paper for pixels.
Female students, in particular, often seem uninterested in what politics has to offer them. It's enough, seemingly, that we're at these universities, racking up our own debts, working for degrees alongside our male contemporaries.
Shouldn't Mr Gove and his advisers take a few tutorials on the history of climate change science, and then re-consider whether it really should be excluded from the national curriculum?
University life can be daunting - making new friends, getting involved in societies and working your way around large campuses is always unnerving at first. At least that's how I felt when I started studying at Warwick.
Around 100,000 students are believed to have been affected by exam blunders, the Press Association has reported. The mistakes
Of all the arguments made back when lifting the cap on tuition fees was still masquerading as a debate rather than a foregone conclusion, the one the irked me most was about young people 'wasting their time doing sub-standard degrees'.
A lot of questions hang over the next academic year. And while I can't say I'm feeling optimistic, there is also hope in the discussions that are taking place. There was hope in the occupations and on the marches. And while the corridors of the university might be oh so quiet, UCU members are being balloted on industrial action.
THE spiralling cost of higher education grew to new heights yesterday, with news students in Wales will pay up to 11% more
Thanks to oversubscribed places and a sharp rise in tuition fees, more and more students are set to opt out of university
It's not easy to start university. The nerves, the nightclubs, the new people. So, if you're worried about how you'll get