This year's students have a bewildering array of courses on offer to them, all vying for their student loans. These offbeat
Average student debt for students starting in 2012 could hit £53,000, according to the Push university guide. This is twice
As shock fades, the recriminations begin. Conservative MPs accuse the previous Labour government of fostering welfare dependency, failing to improve education and forcing fiscal austerity upon the nation
As the summer marches ever onwards and results season looms for thousands of students, there will be many nervous teenagers
We're selfish, independent, hooked on instant-gratification, either completely overwhelmed with choices or backed into a corner with nowhere to turn and on top of that we're ruining the planet, grotesquely unhealthy and surrounded by people who think The X-Factor is quality entertainment. It's a sorry state of affairs people, but what's the answer?
You don't have to be a policy wonk to know that policy can go wonky. Nor do you have to be a philosopher to know that good intentions can have bad consequences.
It's been in the pipeline for a long while, it's taken time, patience, research and sacrifice (by which I mean having to
Almost 10pc of graduates failed to get a job last year after leaving university, with those studying arts, communications
The facts speak for themselves. University fees will average £8,393 from 2012-3. Even after fee waivers for students from poorer backgrounds, the average will be £8,161. One in three universities will charge £9,000 for all courses.
It is indeed important to widen access to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, so that they admit the best applicants, not merely the best-schooled applicants. If we want to raise the aspirations of thousands of kids, then we cannot and must not stigmatise success.