The pandemic means the LGBTQ community face additional challenges starting university this autumn. Are they going to be worse off?
I still have no timetable, no idea if it’s legal to see my friends, and no clue if it’s okay to go home at weekends. I’m worried these conditions mean I won’t get the degree I deserve.
From difficulties getting extensions for work to issues with screen exposure, students with disabilities have spoken of their challenges during lockdown.
Revealed: Some 71,208 young people received their first Universal Credit payments in July – nearly double the figure for this time last year.
An algorithm may be to blame for the A-levels disaster but remember, it’s humans having to clear up the mess.
Gavin Williamson refused to answer when asked if he would resign over the debacle.
Now the cracks in our education system have been so publicly exposed, we can't continue to ignore them, Diyora Shadijanova writes.
Education secretary Gavin Williamson has lifted the cap on student numbers at English universities, leaving many with more demand than they can meet.
Nearly 40% of UK grades are expected to be lowered by a “biased” algorithm.