From self-care tips to free food, here's your go-to guide to when and where you need to be on 15 August.
"If we really want to open up the establishment, we need to stop aspiring to be the chancer who hurtles through life. For many, bloody hard work is the only route to success – let’s celebrate that," writes Jess Brammar.
Universities are cornerstones of our society – they can set an example and lead the charge on clean growth, writes universities minister Chris Skidmore
Pok Wong graduated with a first-class degree in international business strategy but claims her experience at Anglia Ruskin University was poor.
The University of Cambridge has launched a two-year study into how it may have gained from the slave trade. Historic institutions like universities have been challenged in recent years to look into their pasts, especially in terms of benefitting from slavery or colonialism. With statues and buildings named after now-controversial figures, both academics and students are challenging institutions to rethink who they honour and what their substantial endowments were built on. From the student riots in South Africa to the tiki-torch protests in Charlottesville, examining the past can inflame modern political and social tensions.
The number of students accessing mental health support at top universities increased by 76% between 2012 and 2018.
"Our emotional muscles need training just as much as our physical muscles do."