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I've previously featured young singer Josh Savage. Josh bears all the hallmarks of a future star, from a captivating voice to real songwriting talent. In the era of the male vocalist, I wanted to pick his brains for advice for other musicians on their way up.
Each week we like to put together a list of our top picks to help you in the right direction- tipping you off about the most unmissable dates on the Emerging Icons gig calendar- to make sure you can get them added to yours!
The sound of the Edinburgh-based group will surely sate that seemingly unquenchable thirst for all things warm, rich and sing-along.
It's time for us to once again top up that gig diary of yours with long, splendid nights of musical brilliance and tasty tunes.
As the temperature continues to drop, the need to be in an enclosed space full of sweating bodies becomes more and more appealing. To help you locate these havens of stinking warmth, we've got another five amazing gigs to get pencilled into your gig diary. So here are the top five gigs that you just don't want to miss this week.
From pop princesses to sleazy rock n' roll, we've got 'em all on our new album, 'Emerging Icons In The Park'. Showcasing
Yes, London 2012 is for many, just a long and distant memory of a fantastic story the world will never forget. We miss the Games as much as anybody else; the longing pang to be reunited with our shark-like stage striking often- but it's okay. It escaped 'Free Willy'-style and now lives in the ocean deep. (Maybe.)
You want some gigs to head to next week? Well just come here and listen to us then because we're about to reveal the gigs from our Emerging Icons that you just won't want to miss.
At the Paralympics dreams will be made, feats of extraordinary athletes will amaze and records will be broken. Whilst these Games shape up to be the biggest and most impressive of it's kind the world has ever seen, we can't help but feel chuffed to bits to be part of it. The artists we brought down today all boast so much talent we were proud to showcase them to the world.
The temperature may have dropped for the Paralympics, but the mood certainly hasn't. The whole Emerging Icons team are absolutely delighted to be back amid the buzz of London 2012, with a whole new audience set to experience some fantastic music courtesy of our incredible artists.
In my twenties I was in two bands - with each, I was spending a huge proportion of my life writing, performing, spending every last penny on rehearsal studios and sound gear, and saving for the next recording session.
Mason Wittmer is the rhythm guitarist for unsigned Pennsylvanian rock band StillWaiting - a man capable of keeping time, strumming