unusual animal friendships

And she's going to do the licking to prove it. Yes, if there's one animal video that's going to make you both smile and feel
More specifically: Dexter the cat opens the door for Gizmo the dog. Yes, we've had three-legged dogs opening doors for dogs
And, unsurprisingly, isn't too sure what to make of it. Well, apart from licking it quite a lot. Aren't animal friendships
There are Unusual Animal Friendships (see below). And there are Extremely Unusual Animal Friendships (see above). Yes, this
Was there ever a sweeter - and yet more tragic - tell of animal friendship than this video? For the Rottweiler and the deer
And today's Weird Animal Friendship Of The Day is... sloth and cat! Although we fear the relationship might be a little one
There are unusual animal friendships. And then there are animal friendships where one animal wants just that little bit more
Waaaah! Sorry. You'll have to excuse us. Our hearts just melted a little bit after watching the video above, you see. And
Out there in the wild, animals of different species don't playfight with each other - when they fight, they fight. Can you
There's a line in Ghostbusters that goes like this: "Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!" Today