It's the second World Cup semi-final on Wednesday night - which can mean only one thing. Psychic Puppy is back! Predicting
Etiquette and modern manners expert Debbie Fiddlesticks was brought in by the Uruguayan President last week to try and persuade a discerning global community that biting is perfectly normal behaviour.
So the main issue then, is that biting is so bafflingly blatant, so far removed from the comprehensible vagaries of football, that this four month veto is really a punishment for outrageous stupidity. It's the third time!
An England fan had part of his ear bitten off by another after the national side's World Cup game against Uruguay, it has
As it's the third time Suarez has apparently done this, we suggest a new journalism rule: 'Suarez Bites Man' is not news
To be completely honest it was never time for him to even step into the role of the England manager. His track record is weak and it's questionable how he was selected in the first place or why. I believe his selection was because he's someone that wouldn't cause the FA any trouble and would just get on with it.
Psychic Puppy is back! Predicting World Cup games on behalf of Dogs Trust! This time, our pooch prognosticator is turning
t's an oft-used cliché, but, with an exciting and honest style of play, Gus is one of football's good guys - and will become an even more desirable commodity in world football. What odds on him one day representing England himself? It can surely only be a matter of time before the bigger clubs - or indeed the national team - come calling.
The United Nations has release a report claiming that legalising cannabis poses a "grave danger to public health and well
A South American country is bringing in laws that will legalise cannabis, with the government setting the price. The drastic