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As most of us are on holiday now or heading off for one soon, the nation is now firmly immersed in a state of summer relaxation - boosted by the euphoria of Team GB's golden run and the Olympic Games. When it comes to the prospects for our credit rating, the government should embrace the summer spirit and, as Dave would put it, 'chillax' a little too.
Almost three-quarters (73 per cent) of British voters think the country is "moving in the wrong direction" economically, while
The mantra of growth as a cure to the economic malaise that is engulfing Europe and the US is repeated ad nauseam by economists and political pundits. My training is in engineering science, not economics, so let us not be encumbered by economic dogma or theory. Let us go back to first principles to examine some of the prevailing economic axioms.
I currently work at an international nursery/preschool here in Stockholm. I'm doing this to help fund my studies towards
The greed, excess and selfishness that brought liberal democracy and capitalism to the edge of the abyss have been demonstrated
We all know QE stands for Quantitative Easing; a better description would be Questionable Economics. The Bank of England
It seems clear that investors pulled out of the market due to long term fear and uncertainty of what is next. The only sensible answer may be to stuff your cash into your mattress and hope the bed bugs don't bite
Having spent the summer extinguishing various debt ceiling fires, Obama's team is now reportedly "struggling" to cobble together an employment strategy that will appeal to both Democrats and Republicans.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The worst US employment data for nearly a year has increased fears of a global recession and sparked
Over the last few months, some surprising and high-profile events have taken place in the world, economically and politically