US Economy

A double dip recession in the US remains unlikely, in spite of the weak second quarter and downwards revisions to earlier GDP data. All the leading indicators suggest that it is not going to happen. And, even if it does happen, it's not the worst outcome.
Although the key players in this Administration may NOT have been shocked by the S&P downgrade late last Friday night just after the markets closed - the rest of us clearly were blindsided!
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The United States has been left reeling after Standard & Poor's lowered the nation's AAA credit rating
My passport says "United States of America", but it means very little to me now. How can I claim a country as my own if I cannot afford to live there?
To prevent a default at the eleventh hour Obama may have relinquished the last arrow in his political quiver by agreeing to deep cuts in government spending which some economists believe might jeopardise this fragile recovery.
Given the imminent deadline of August 2, it is unlikely that the "Grand Bargain" that is so important to America's long term economic stability will be found, at least immediately.
European and Asian markets dropped as US lawmakers remained deadlocked over a deal to raise Washington's debt limit that
In late May, The City broke with some 350 years of protocol and announced the establishment of the Green Investment Bank