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Most people would associate psychopaths with cold-blooded murderers. However, a new study claims that US presidents have
It's one thing being a power lifter, it's quite another lifting the most powerful man on the planet into the air without
Barack Obama invoked his Republican challenger's 'Romneyshambles' visit to the United Kingdom on Thursday night, as he accepted
Michelle Obama delivered a rousing plea to the American people to give her husband four more years in the White House as
Clint Eastwood's rambling improvised discussion with an invisible president Obama was the highlight of last week's Republican
US president Barack Obama says he is a "huge Clint Eastwood fan" even following the actor-director's rambling "invisible
Yet the result of the presidential election in November matters to many of us beyond America's borders. Whether you live in Kabul, Damascus or Cairo, or indeed in London, your life will be affected by the decisions made in the Oval Office thousands of miles away.
Obama's regime saved Detroit, got the health insurance bill through despite hostility, saved the banks, successfully withdrew troops from Iraq, and got US image beginning to shine once more across the world.
Those cheeky blighters behind Bad Lip Reading first went to town on sitting duck - sorry: US presidential candidate - Mitt
Mitt Romney's European tour was intended to establish his foreign policy credentials but is deemed by many to be a failure.
To begin I would like to express, from the very marrow of my bones, my sincerest condolences to those affected by the shootings in Aurora, Colorado. I also apologise in advance if this article seems insensitive in how short a period it has been since the shooting.
If Mitt Romney is elected president, the US will experience an economic disaster the likes of which have been recently seen
As the 2012 election season grips all corners of the US in a fascinating carnival of strategy, pageantry, and partisanship; I realise I miss something else. Just as viewing sports is not the same in London, neither is the US political race.
No.But since you asked, and for those of you are not that interested but want to sound like you have been reading the Washington Post everyday, then here is a summary as to why he wont win in ten easy steps...
US Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum has been caught in a potentially embarrassing verbal slip-up. In a clip
Newt Gingrich's Republican nomination prospects have surged as a new poll confirmed that victory in the South Carolina primary
Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry has accused the Obama administration of "over-the-top rhetoric" and "disdain for
Jon Huntsman might be the trendy pick to surge in the New Hampshire primary, but a Public Policy Polling survey released
Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum was booed off stage on Thursday after he compared gay marriage to polygamy
Michele Bachmann has quit the race to become the Republican party's candidate for president. The tea-party candidate finished