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"The United States deeply respects the people of Africa and the people of South Africa‚ and values its partnerships with them.”
British media report that the White House may have feared mass protests.
The decision threatens to inflame Israeli-Palestinian tensions and provoke outrage across the region
But May refused to condemn Trump despite the growing outrage. Read more on The Huffington Post Pressed by reporters, May
The post stated that Trump “is not the first president to have access to Mar-a-Lago as a Florida retreat, but he is the first
The news that President Trump is about to sign yet another Executive Order, which will apparently reinstate the Muslim Travel
A British man and three Americans have been awarded France's highest honor, the Légion d’honneur by the president, Francois
Around 1,000 demonstrators gathered outside the US Embassy in London before marching down Oxford Street on Wednesday to condemn
Suzi LeVine yesterday became the first US Ambassador to be sworn in on an electronic device, in this case a humble Amazon
More than 200 demonstrators gathered outside the US Embassy in London on Tuesday to protest against Washington's proposed