US Marines

Things You Don't See Every Day, No.542: A drum-off between the III Marine Expeditionary Force band and the Republic of Korea
US military forces have landed in Iraq to help evacuate the 30,000 Yazidi Iraqis who remain trapped by surrounding Islamic
Graphic pictures have emerged that allegedly show US marines in Iraq burning the corpses of insurgents. The 41 photographs
Bradley Manning, who leaked thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks, has been convicted on 20 charges, including espionage
The judge in the Bradley Manning Wikileaks case has refused to dismiss a charge of 'aiding the enemy' sparking fears it could
Events will be held across the world on Saturday, including the UK, to mark the 1,000th day spent in prison by the United
Deep in the jungles of Thailand a military exercise is taking place which sees participants drink the blood of freshly killed
Nine American soldiers have escaped criminal prosecution over two separate incidents of burning Qurans and urinating on the
There are very few who sign up to join the armed forces for the comfort, the laid back lifestyle and the ample personal space
A touching picture of a homecoming US Marine locked in a passionate embrace with his boyfriend has gone viral. Uploaded on