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Take a moment to pity Tom Bradby, the ITV News political editor who has come under sustained, expletive-riddled abuse by
When we talk about Olympic legends, it is hard to look beyond Michael Johnson. Three Olympic Games and four Olympic gold medals - two in his home Games in Atlanta - are enough proof of that. Michael's achievements on track have meant that he has stayed at the heart of sport and the Olympic Movement for more than 20 years.
Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, otherwise known as Neymar, has recently been criticised for 'fooling referees' with his diving
The football season has ended, but the ICC Champions Trophy got underway and the French Open entered its second week, while
Kevin Ware's horrific leg break during one of the most closely watched US college basketball games of the year reduced his
England's European representatives all featured in Europe, with one north London side winning and going out while the other
Cheerleader Ashlee Arnau usually spends her time on the basketball court raising the spirit of the crowd. On Thursday night
David Beckham lifted the MLS Cup in his final game for LA Galaxy on Saturday night. The former England Captain, who announced
American Football (the NFL) always arouses certain adjectives to mind: braun, finesse, speed, perseverance... fashion?
Baseball is scrutinised with passion here. Like football in England, people watch and analyse it endlessly. I watched twenty minutes of the big game on Friday, and I couldn't quite grasp the situation. There were long phases where very little happened, and some of the participants were fat.
He would take champions and re-model them. Not only in fighting style but adding little quirky ideas, such as the time he gave Hearns a pair of white shorts to box in.
Eric LeGrand, a disabled Rutgers University player, has been signed by NFL side Tampa Bay Buccaneers in an extraordinary