US Students

An African American art student at Sacramento State University, Christina Edwards, is defending her art project, which features
Two dozen US students were arrested for allegedly selling drugs at their school after police infiltrated their friendship
A US school has made its students sign a contract promising they will not twerk, grind, or dance sexually at their prom - and
As we all well know, today is Independence Day, and many of you US students studying here in the UK may be feeling a tad
A student in the US has been hospitalised after he was admitted with dangerously high alcohol levels in his system, following
University students are happier when they binge drink - at least in some American colleges, a study has found. Scientists
On 19 August, I'll be leaving England to spend a year studying abroad at Washington College, located on America's East Coast in the State of Maryland. Almost two years in the planning, it's guaranteed to be one of my most memorable experiences.
Video footage of a school prank which blindfolded parents and children and then made them 'make out' with each other has