US vogue

The pop star makes her debut and gets candid about the turbulent last two years.
I'm all for the nude form but a picture of a naked, waif-like Karlie Kloss advertising a weight loss photo shoot is beyond the pale. What kind of message does this send to normal women?
If nothing else, sheer exposure to celebrities over the age of 50 disporting themselves, for better or worse, in fashionable clothes across magazines, newspapers and the internet should have banished forever the notion of fashion being for the under-50s alone.
Answer: Jennifer Lopez! BEHOLD.
If you've read US Vogue/seen pictures of Anna Wintour/watched The Devil Wears Prada you probably don't tend to think of Anna
Michelle Williams is set to bring Marilyn Monroe back to life in her latest film, My Week with Marilyn, and if her photoshoot
The mass coverage of - and debate over- the London riots and Libya left me desperate for light, fluffy relief. (Does that make me a bad person?). I finally got my hands on the hard copy of American Vogue . and it was just what I needed.