US weather

NEW YORK -- The United States has been plunged into an unseasonal freeze, with temperatures up to 15 degrees lower than average
We shouldn’t laugh, but… it is a Fox News reporter. We jest, of course. Sort of. And at least Philadelphia's Steve Keeley
Atlanta, better known for its blisteringly hot summers, experienced arctic temperatures and heavy snowfall earlier this week
New York City was hit by unexpected and prolonged snowfall on Tuesday, leaving many residents waking up a day later with
In the words of the radio DJs in 'Groundhog Day' - it's cooooold out there! 'Out there' being 'in America'. This week, at
Because the polar vortex isn't just creating misery, you know. Congratulations, little corgi. Your excitement at your owner
Courtesy of American Viner Nelcam, who calls it "Wishful thinking for all the people recently buried in snow!" SEE ALSO: The
In which Dakota Laden, 18, of Minnesota braved the current American weather to see what happens when you wee in temperatures
What to do when the weather outside reaches all kind of crazy sub-zero temperatures? Kite ski on a frozen lake of course
Snow has fallen in parts of Britain again, and we think it's safe to say that some people will be reacting to this turn events