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London 2012's showpiece event will arguably be the men's 100 metres when Usain Bolt will take to the Stratford track bidding
Part of a multimillion-pound Virgin Media campaign featuring champion sprinter Usain Bolt has been banned following complaints
Usain Bolt is the best ever, Anna Kournikova wasn't - just to clear that up before people get on their high horses and start to make references to athletic ability. I have no intention to compare their relative skill levels in the respective disciplines, but... Usain Bolt is starting to mirror certain aspects of Kournikova. Predominately their quite frankly nauseating use of fame.
I got sent an email yesterday. Woo yeah, big man huh? Getting an email like a flashy show off yeah? Yes, I realise its a mute first sentence, as I get emails everyday (more showing off) and the large majority of them have little to no relevance to your lives, let alone mine.
Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world, but how does he fare when a football is at his feet? Bolt displays his ball skills
Prince Harry has been keeping in touch with his older brother Prince William throughout his Diamond Jubilee tour, seeking
Prince Harry has bought a stake in a racehorse named after 100 metre world record holder Usain Bolt. The thoroughbred christened
Going for gold: Harry laughs as he beats Usain Bolt, 25, immediately called for a rematch against the third-in-line to the
Prince Harry will get a masterclass in sprinting from the world's fastest man Usain Bolt today when he joins the athlete
Sprinter Usain Bolt is swapping tracks for wax as sculptors race to immortalise the sprint star for Madame Tussauds. The