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They say finishing fourth in the Olympics is the most painful place to be. But to be placed outside the medals when clocking
But his latest antics could yet surpass that as a viral sensation, and many seized on the budding ‘bromance’ between the
Others defended Ellen’s decision to share the pic... But Ellen later addressed the backlash in another tweet, saying: “I
Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt seemingly sauntered to the finish line in the men’s 100m sprint in Rio on Sunday night
Maybe it's because it seemed like there was so much sport between us and it over the past year - world cups in rugby union and Twenty20, the Euros, Wimbledon - but the Rio Games seemed in a permanent state of far-away-ness, but now the opening ceremony is this week.
With the Rio Olympics fast approaching, track and field athletics is once again embroiled in scandal, controversy, and disgust. Or in the media it is. On Friday night I was lucky enough to bear witness to the electricity meter at the London Olympic Stadium explode with the buzz of the Anniversary Games. It was just fantastic for the world to focus solely on the talent...
‘The Apprentice’ star April Jackson reportedly enjoyed a secret romance with Olympic gold medalist sprinter Usain Bolt. READ