Strong scrutiny is essential to good legislation. This Government have demonstrated a track record of ducking, diving and dodging scrutiny. If the Government truly believe in the programme they are implementing, they should not be afraid of proper debate, and should be able to demonstrate greater respect for parliament and for democracy.
We know that unions don't often get good press in the UK. Stories about the inconvenience of strikes dominate, while the day-to-day work of unions goes largely unreported. This is a real shame, as I've seen first-hand the incredible work trade union members are doing across the country...
You said goodbye to your first job long ago. You may have flipped burgers, pulled bricks around a building site, or sat behind a till trying to find the Marlboro Golds. Whatever it was you were doing, one thing is almost certain: your first job was a shit job. Chances are the job you have now is no less painful than the first.
Tommy Robinson was asked to leave a casino on Monday as he is on a national list of people barred from gambling establishments
UPDATE: The Usdaw trade union has issued a revised statement. It reads as follows: "The shopworker concerned is an Usdaw
More than four million people will pay the highest rates of tax during this financial year, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC
Most shopworkers oppose the government's decision to suspend Sunday trading laws for eight weeks during the Olympic Games
Workers at consumer goods giant Unilever are to stage a new series of strikes in a huge escalation of a row over pensions