utoya shooting

As Norway marks four years after the Utøya massacre, the country might have a few lessons to teach. Especially to the US.
The design for a permanent memorial to the victims of the Utoya massacre has been chosen, with Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg
Family and friends of the victims murdered by Anders Breivik after he planted a bomb in central Oslo and went on a shooting
Judge Arntzen, after delivering the court's verdict, described Breivik's childhood, when he was monitored by psychologists
Four former close friends of killer Anders Breivik took to the stand today, with one claiming that the killer once boasted
A Norwegian man has reportedly set himself on fire outside the trial of mass killer Anders Breivik. According to journalists
A shoe was thrown at Norwegian mass-killer Anders Breivik by the brother of one of his victims at his trial on Friday. "You
Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik, who killed a total of 77 people, most of them teenagers, last July has been legally
The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall will meet survivors of the Utoya massacre when they begin their tour of Scandinavia
Norwegian police took the self-confessed mass killer Anders Behring Breivik back to Utøya island on Saturday to stage a reconstruction