Kirstie Allsopp caused a recent stir on Monday by telling The Telegraph that young women should find a boyfriend instead
From Laura Bates’ Everyday Sexism project to Lucy Holmes’ petition calling for No More Page 3, gender equality (or lack of
The new Vagenda book has put me in a real quandary. I dislike feminists having a go at each other rather than working together but, in all honesty, I cannot recommend this book. It's narrow in scope, outdated in its subject matter and patronising at best, offensive at worst.
Women's magazines are bad. They make women feel rubbish. Reading them is stupid. But am I the only one who doesn't get this? My experience of 18 years' women's mag fandom has been brilliant. They've influenced me in a positive way and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this point.
Shaving is a recent phenomenon. 100 years ago, women probably couldn't have cared less. Five hundred years ago, they certainly didn't (they didn't even wash that often, back then, believing overt cleanliness to be a trigger of disease).
Journalist Emer O'Toole and her whiskered armpits bravely ventured into unknown territory on the groomed armchairs of ITV's
Something still needs to click for the general public that makes them realise that feminism isn't some kind of lost cause for ugly women who have been jilted by a million ex-boyfriends, but rather a simple idea that shouldn't be treated with the disdain it still is.