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I don't know why, but a strange silence descends when a woman pours out her scorn. Men call her a 'vindictive harpy', and in hushed tones, women tell her she should be more dignified. What if we don't? What if we call them out on it like Bey? The world doesn't end, does it?
French politics is misogynistic, according to former first lady Valerie Trierweiler. The one-time partner of French president
François Hollande must be undergoing a bit of a personality crisis at the moment. To be or not to be Europe's greatest rogue
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French president Francois Hollande has confirmed that he has separated from First Lady Valerie Trierweiler. Just hours after
Media reports that suggested President Francois Hollande would officially announce his separation from his partner today
Valerie Trierweiler has been accused of causing £2.5m of damage to the Élysée Palace during a rampage after she found out
The world has been in no way rocked by allegations that a Frenchman may have had an affair. Most people in France shrugged
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The acting first lady, Valerie Trierweiler, was taken to the hospital Friday "for rest and some tests."
Rosalind Franklin's story is as remarkable as it is sad. After schooling at St. Paul's, a degree and Fellowship at Cambridge, three happy years in Paris developing x-ray crystallography techniques, she used these techniques at King's College London in 1950-53 to uncover the structure of DNA.
He's the new kid on le bloque - but how much do you know about the 24th French President? Like the rest of us, we're assuming