Mods have been a free resource for close to twenty years. Mod creators have never gone into development thinking about making a profit, and the main goal has always been to make something cool or interesting to share with people.
HTC has unveiled a gaming-focused virtual reality headset in partnership with video game developers Valve. The Vive allows
Half-Life 3 is something that the gaming has never had before: it's probably the most anticipated game ever and yet there's
Half Life 3 is still a huge deal, even though there is literally no news to report on its eventual existence, or not. That
Another Gamescom has been and gone, and Half-Life 3 has once again failed to emerge. It's hardly a surprise. Despite many
So let's recap: a modder believes he has uncovered Valve's soft-launch of the Source 2 game engine; a piece of software that
Earlier this week we speculated that Half-Life 3 was never going to happen. Now there appears to be some hard evidence of
Valve is working on it. Right? Right?? Well... Fact is, that game you're desperate to play but doesn't actually exist? Yeah
A group of Chinese pro gamers has won a $5 million prize at a frankly bonkers international championship match. Tteam 'Newbee
The Steam Summer Sale is here. It's a statement that'll bring both feelings of joy and dread as you think of all the incredible