Cases of the Covid India variant have more than doubled in a week in the UK.
Professor Chris Whitty said cases linked to the variant of concern have “gone up very sharply”.
A simple guide to the new variant of concern – and the hunt for an infected person lost in the system.
The "largest surge testing operation" to date is underway in parts of south London after a rise in cases with the South Africa variant.
A really simple guide to the Covid variant that’s got everyone talking.
A preprint study from Brazil suggests people can be infected with two different variants of Covid-19 at the same time.
The press briefing comes after after France banned lorries carrying freight from the UK and countries around the world ended flights.
A new variant of coronavirus, which causes Covid-19, has been identified in the UK and may be growing faster than existing variants of the virus, according to health secretary Matt Hancock. It’s thought the new variant could be the cause of rising infection rates in London and the south of England, which will be put under more stringent Covid restrictions from midnight Wednesday as a result.