Religious dogma has no place at UN negotiations which seeks to improve the lives of many regardless of their faith. The Vatican must not be allowed to continue its anachronistic agenda in such an important international arena.
Pope Benedict has hired a reporter from Fox News as its head of communications amid the Catholic institution's 'Vatileaks
There are currently 215 million women in the world who lack access to basic reproductive healthcare. Millions more are without due to lack of education, funding and distribution; or for cultural, social and religious reasons which prevent them from accessing sexual health services.
Seven priests from the secretive Catholic religious order the Legion Of Christ are being investigated by the Vatican over
The vast majority of Irish Catholics want women and married priests, liberal clergymen have found. The Association of Catholic
The Vatican has opened up its secret archive to the public for the first time but for six months only. The exhibition, at
An Italian newspaper has leaked what it claims is a classified document detailing a discussion about an assassination plot
Three Wise Men following a star across the desert clutching their gifts for baby Jesus is one of the best-known images from
The head of England's Benedictine order has offered his resignation over concerns of a "conflict of interest" in the investigation
I went to Rome last week. The occasion was an important conference organised by the International Centre for Missing and